2% average filing fee (fixed fee based on average rates)

Employee Retention Tax Credit

2% average filing fee (fixed fee based on average rates)

We've helped businesses file for $814,016,872 in Employee Retention Tax Credits

IRS Warning

IRS warning

The IRS continues to renew alerts for businesses to watch out for predatory ERTC (also knows as ERC) providers. In the following notice the IRS has once again warned businesses to not work with any provider that is charging a fee based on a percentage of the refund amount of Employee Retention Tax Credit claimed.

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Referral Program

Refer and get a $700 gift card

Dear ERTC Customers, We’re excited to announce our new referral program that will give anyone who refers a business to us, and that files for an ERTC credit a $700 gift card.

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Group Filing

Group Filing Information Guide

As a Group Filer you work directly with our Group Filing Coordinator, communicating via phone or e-mail. Your client relationship stays between you and your client as you provide us with all required information and documents.

A message from one of our preferred vendors, Anytime Fitness

A message from a preferred vendor

The testimonial below describes in further detail the benefits of the ERTC program for franchisees. Anytime Fitness representative Rob Moffett speaks about the confusion around the ERTC process and how our team was able to help.

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Our Process

ERTC Filing Process

The Process for receiving a fund with ERTC is a simple 5 step process. In this post we show a bit of detail on how our process works for receiving a refund.

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Businesses with employees that were subject to a COVID-19 government mandate or had a loss in revenue in 2020 or 2021 due to COVID-19 are eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. We give you everything needed to prepare and file the forms necessary to claim your credit.

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Hear what our customers are saying...

Sarah Gregory, CPH, ISA

Kaleidoscope Landscape Inc

Shoreline, WA

I had reached out to our accountant about 6 months ago, she thought we didn’t qualify, I responded with my understanding of the "revenue OR partial suspension of services" part of the qualifications, she never responded to that. This didn’t sit right with me and I had my dad reach out to her again in August, and she did research and pulled all of our gross revenue, put it together in spread sheet, highlighting the verbiage in multiple ERTC documents and she still told us she didn’t think we qualified, to which my Dad responded: “OK we will trust your judgement, thanks for you help and recommendation.” This still didn’t sit right with me. I am really glad that WALP sponsored the webinar which made it incredibly clear who qualifies and why in terms that were easy to understand and easy to then explain to others. I am so very grateful for you and your team and for not ignoring my gut feeling, even when I had been told no more than once. It would have been a significant loss to have just let it go. Thank you!

Jon Kludt

EOS Worldwide

San Diego, CA

ERTCfling.com has been an invaluable resource for my clients to help them navigate the volatility of COVID and get the needed financial support to get through this difficult time. Above and beyond the PPP money, the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is an under-utilized lifeline that every company needs to look into immediately. ERTCfiling.com walks you through the details, makes this process easy, and will take you across the finish line. Even if you were told you don't qualify, you need to take another look as the rules have changed and you can't afford to leave money on the table.

Galen Baggs

Brown Bag Beverage

San Diego, CA

Tom and his team were a tremendous help to us. It was difficult to understand all the government programs meant to help businesses like ours, and with the ups and downs of 2020 it was hard to find time to sit down and really understand how we could benefit. Tom and his team provided us with clear answers that a business owner could understand, provided us exactly what they needed to do to help, and turned around our tax forms extremely quickly. They have also provided follow up support for questions or concerns we’ve had. It’s been a tremendous experience and we’ve referred them to a number of our customers.

Vanessa Laughlin

Banister Advisors

Seattle, WA

Tom, Codey, and the entire team at ERTC Filing have made the process so easy! My 3-year old small business is young and growing, so being able to obtain funding via the new tax credit has been essential to fueling our success in the years ahead. Our entire team at Banister Advisors is so grateful.

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